starforged: oRION


Clayton Jiggins is way out of his element. All his life, he’s grown up in the poor part of the Capitol of the Hunter Galaxy—also known as the Constellation of Orion. Now, after an untimely and rather mysterious family tragedy, he has left the safety of his metropolitan home to find the most dangerous assassin wanted by the Royal Navy; The Blue Lion. Why would he want to meet such a dangerous person? Because he wants the Prince of the Galaxy dead—a treasonous act that could cost him his head if he gets caught.

Everything is a lot more complicated than Clayton thinks, however. The fact that the Blue Lion is actually a woman is just the tip of the iceberg of secrets and lies; Pirates hell-bent on revolution, doctors on the take, a new addictive substance that may be deadlier than people think. Even the Blue Lion has a more personal reason for helping Clayton out.

Welcome to a steampunk world among the stars where nothing is what it seems, everyone has an agenda, and a hell’s fury cannot even compare to a scorned woman bent on revenge.


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