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Kelsey Anne Lovelady was born in Billings, Montana and grew up in Bozeman. At fifteen her family moved to Shawnee Mission, Kansas. She stayed there from her Junior year of high school up until she graduated from Johnson County Community College with her Associate of Arts Degree in Arts and Science. She is graduating from the University of Wyoming with her B.F.A. in Musical Theatre and her Minor in Writing.

At the age of fourteen, Kelsey was diagnosed with the rare bone marrow disorder, Aplastic Anemia. She went through intense Anti-Thymocyte Globulin (ATG) therapy for the first time when she was fifteen at the Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado. Her second ATG therapy procedure happened when she was nineteen at the Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. It was there that she met the man that this book is dedicated to; David Partelow. After being almost instantaneous friends, David gave Kelsey a copy of his first book, Ashener's Calling. To this day, he is her favorite writer and she owns a physical copy of almost every single book he has written, including the one she contributed to, The Ro'Nihn Tales.

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