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I finally finished the second draft of my #murdermystery #wip. Final word count stands at 61,575. I'm so exhausted but so proud of what I've accomplished . I managed to churn out this draft in less than a year, which is a huge leap in productivity compared to my first book. I've already talked about that a lot, so I won't go into it.

So what's next? Well, I'm working with a critique partner right now to improve the 2nd draft as it stands now. We've already found some places that require major changes and I'm brainstorming those changes now, so I will probably be starting to implement those in the next coming week.

We'll continue to work together, critiquing each other's work and implementing changes that need to happen. Once those changes have been made, I will start recruiting beta-readers. I need at least 20 (10 for the first round, 10 for the second), so if you're interested, feel free to contact me. Keep in mind you will have to sign an NDA if you're interested. Sorry, but I have to protect myself. So if you don't want to sign an NDA, please don't apply to be a beta.

Once the first round of beta-readers have responded to me, I will edit what I need to. Then I will go in for a second round of beta-readers. Once they get back to me, I will implement the changes that they recommend. If I have to, I will do as many rounds of betas as I have to until the manuscripts gets as close to perfect as is physically possible.

Once the ENTIRE beta process is done, then it's time for me to do my final self edits. Then, I have to employ a professional editor. I already have someone in mind.

Once the professional edit is completely done (which could take multiple rounds) it will be time to get ready to release the book: get a cover made; get a book trailer made; get some ARCs printed and sent off; make videos for the release; etc.

If everything goes REALLY WELL, I may publish this book before 2020 is over. Fingers crossed and knock on wood. Here we go guys.

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