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APR-JUN 2019 Quarterly Goals

New Quarter, New Goals. Let's see if I can keep up the good work.

1. Lose 15 lbs

2. Do Yoga 5 days a week

3. Do Tai Chi 5 days a week

4. Finish the Second draft of CANVAS

5. Get Canvas Critiqued by a Critique Partner

6. Find a Critique Partner (ALREADY FOUND ONE!!!)

7 Journal Everyday

8. Read Everyday

9. Meditate Everyday

10. Post on Instagram everyday

11. Devise a new YouTube Schedule and stick to it

12. Blog everyday

13. Hold a giveaway after finishing a draft

14. Drink More Water and Less Soda

15. Draw Everyday

I need to fulfill 8 of these goals to succeed this quarter.

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