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I got this.

I know yesterday my post was full of uncertainty and stress. I was a mess as I wrote it. I was freaking out, not knowing what to do or where to go.

Thankfully, my good from D was there for me. He listened to my issues and he helped me talk things out. He made sure that I made a list of priorities. Nothing can happen until I get a way to make money. Nothing can happen if I don't have a job. That's the first thing.

As I talked things out with him, I realized that I'm ready to leave this city. Staying would be easy, but if wouldn't be right. It's time for me to go, and go to a place that has more job opportunities.

Luckily, where I want to go has a lot of opportunities and places to live. I spent today working out a timeline of when things need to happen. I feel good about it. I feel like I've got enough time. I am a lot more comfortable than I was yesterday. It helps to have a friend to talk things through. You need at least one. And I'm so grateful for D. When no one else was there, he was there for me. I'm glad he's in my life.

I'm ready for this part of my life. I can do this. Everything will fall into place.

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