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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

I just hosted my first livestream! And it didn't crash and burn!

So part of this stream was to test it out and see if I had everything I needed. It was also to test out a new idea; let's try to write a story based on 10 tarot cards.

I came up with an original tarot card spread, but I couldn't use it today cause I didn't have enough room on my desk. But I did take a picture. Can you guys guess why I used this spread?

Original Tarot Spread for writing a story

To recap, here are the cards I drew today.

The Main Character: The High Priestess Reversed

Stasis: The Empress Reversed

Inciting Incident: The Moon

The Companion: Temperance Reversed

The Rising Action: The Fool

An Obstacle: The Lovers Reversed

The Villain: The Star Reversed

The Climax: Judgement

Falling Action: The Sun Reversed

The New Stasis: The Chariot

After the stream, I rolled some dice to determine genre more specifically. I ended up with a thriller.

I'm excited to see how this short story goes.

The next livestream will be next Monday at 1 (MST)

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