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The day has come...

What a lot of you might not know about me is that I have been playing HerInterative's Nancy Drew PC games since I was 6 years old (despite the fact that the games are meant for ages 10 and up). My family start buying my sister the games, but I started showing more of an interest than she did, so I started getting the games for Christmas and my birthday. They are, basically, my childhood. At one point, I owned almost all of the games in Physical Form--anyone remember CD Roms?

Well, you may not know this, but there hasn't been a new game in 4.5 years. This is for a lot of reasons: they were changing up their programing so that their games could be played on tablets and phones as well as PCs, they fired a bunch of people (boo!) including their voice actress who's been playing Nancy Drew in 1991 (BOO!), and because their changing platforms, the staff has been forced to learn new animation programs. So... yeah.

Well... today, a new game comes out.

I have admit, when I saw the final trailer, I was disappointed. The settings and background look amazing. The characters.... not so much. I mean, hell. The lips flaps don't even match up with what their saying. If you guys ever played the Sims, that's what it looks like now. With as long as it took to come out with the game, I was expecting the game to be PERFECT.

Nevertheless, I am poised to buy that game at 11 PT (Noon for me). I will be playing this game and I will be fair and honest in my review of it. Maybe I'll even film myself playing it? I don't know. We'll see...

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