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Thinking About Platform Changes

So I'm taking some time to think about changes I want to make to my schedule and social media habits. This won't affect anything drastically. It just means that when my life is more certain, I'll be posting more and focusing on specific themes and topics.

To give you an idea what I'm thinking, I'll take you through every idea I've had so far:

Patreon - I'm going to start posting 2 times a month. One post will be an art piece with process photos and videos exclusively for patrons. I will also be giving more in-depth updates on my writing as my other monthly posts. Obviously, higher tier patrons will have the opportunity to become beta-readers pending the signing of an NDA.

Mystery Monday - I'll be:

1. answering questions about my Mystery Novel "CANVAS" via Instagram

2. Posting character portraits and aesthetics as we get closer to book launch date

3. Post updates on Patreon and my blog

4. Revealing the cover when the book launch is closer

5. Holding giveaways on either my Instagram or Tumblr. (most likely Instagram)

6. I'll be talking about my influences in murder mystery writing

7. Maybe I'll be playing Nancy Drew Games on Twitch/Mixer

8. Reviewing other mystery books on YouTube

9. Taking you guys through the process of creating a series bible.


When I can film more, I'll be posting weekly videos on Tuesdays.


??? Who knows. I have some ideas, but I haven't decided on one yet

Theatre Thursdays

I will be:

1. Giving updates on my plays/screenplays on my Blog

2. Acknowledging anyone who puts on my plays or uses monologues from my plays in their auditions/theatre classes

Fanart Friday

Obviously, this is when I'll be posting and re-posting fanart pieces I've made


1. Q&A about STARFORGED on Insta

2. Post art and aesthetics from the series

3. Updates - Blog and patreon

4. Cover reveals

5. Giveaways

6. Talk about steampunk influences on my blog

7. Review steampunk books on Youtube

8. Take you through the process of Re-writing Orion when the time comes

9. Take you through the process of putting the series bible together


These are days that I'm unplugging from social media and just spending the whole day reading. I will post 2 times on Instagram. Once in the morning to show you what I'm reading, and one in the evening to show you what I'm eating.

That's basically what I have so far. As I get more ideas, I'll let you guys know. If you have suggestions, let me know.

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