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Tired of Being Unemployed

One of the jobs I applied for was supposed to close last week. It's still open with no explanation. The other one was extended because they didn't have enough applicants, and apparently, they don't even want to look at the people who HAVE applied until they get more applicants.

I hate this. I hate this so much. I have been unemployed since May, and before anyone tries to blame me, I have applied for hundreds of jobs since. The one person who brought me in for an interview couldn't even make a decision on who go on to the next round of interviews. 2 months later, they still could make a call and I still haven't heard.

I am losing my fucking mind. I want these jobs I applied for so. Fucking. Badly. I would be good at them, I could afford my own place, and I would have benefits for my health, which is what I really need.

Maybe it's not healthy to have your self-worth tied to your employment status, but all I know is I feel like total shit. And it's starting to take it's tole on me.

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